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Lush and appealing, the dark and glossy finish of Vesuvius is an ornament to any home. The silky smooth surface of Vesuvius combines the sophisticated look of glossy granite with the practicality of Mason Quartz.

Our design team sourced their inspiration for this colour from Mount Vesuvius near Naples in Italy. This volcano is best known for erupting in AD 79 and covering the ancient Roman cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Opiontis and Stabiae. Centuries later this allowed archaeologists to uncover these cities and reveal the tastes and interior designs that flourished in Roman society.

We looked carefully at the beautiful greys in volcanic ash and visualised these in a quartz surface.  Vesuvius is the result and is part of Mason Quartz's Evolved range and is suitable for both a domestic setting or a commercial interior.